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Nox AT10 Genius 12K

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Nox AT10 Genius 12K
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All about this product

All about the Nox AT10 Genius 12K

Features and benefits:
- Suitable for: Advanced players;
- Blade Shape: Drop;
- Thickness: 38 mm;
- Balance: Center;
- Longer grip for more control;
- Weight: 360-375 grams;
- Material frame: Carbon;
- Material blade: Carbon 12K;
- Material core: MLD Black Eva;
- Power 9/10;
- Control 10/10;
- Smartstrap® replaceable safety string system;
- Rough racket blade for more spin;
- Vibration dampening technology;
- Custom Grip technology®;
- Designed with pro player Agustín Tapia.

The Nox AT Genius 12K is an ideal racket for advanced players with an all-around playing style. The blade has a drop shape, which has a good balance between power and control. This makes the racket suitable for both offensive and defensive play. The difference with the AT Genius 18K is the material of the racket blade. Choose the 12K version if you are looking for a stiffer feel.

The vibration dampening technology provides more comfort and less risk of injury. Holes integrated on each side of the bridge promote aerodynamics and balance for improved maneuverability. The racket features a Custom Grip® which can be positioned and adjusted as needed to reduce vibration up to 29%. The Smartstrap® safety cord system allows for easy cord replacement. The rough finish on the racket blade allows you to impart more effect to the ball.
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Nox AT10 Genius 12K
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