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Dunlop Aero-Star Team

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Dunlop Aero-Star Team
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All about this product

All about the Dunlop Aero-Star Team

The Dunlop Aero Star brings precision and balance to your game. The racket also provides you with more power due to the diamond shape. Because of this shape, the sweet spot is higher and you give more speed to the ball. Please note that this form requires more of your technique, but also gives a lot in return.
The Aero Star Team weighs 365 grams and is made of Carbon material. This makes it a sturdy racket and offers a lot of power. The core of this racket is made of ProEVA, so that vibrations are absorbed and you play with more comfort. The sweet spot has been widened for more perfection in your shot. Finally, the holes in the blade are placed in such a way for an optimal stroke.

Features and benefits
- 365 grams
- Diamond shape
- Control and power
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Reviews (0)

Dunlop Aero-Star Team
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