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Drop Shot Legend 3.0

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Drop Shot Legend 3.0
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All about this product

All about the Drop Shot Legend 3.0

Features and benefits:
- Made for: Novice and Experienced player padel player
- Made for: Experienced and Advanced padel player
- Blade shape: Oversized round
- Balance: Middle, High
- Weight: 360 - 380 grams
- Power 60 / Control 40
- Frame: Carbon
- Core: Eva Pro High Density
- Including racket case

The Drop Shot Legend 3.0 is a racket which is very suitable for the experienced and advanced players. The racket blade has a round shape. This means that the sweet spot is relatively large, which will make your shots hit faster. The round racket blade also ensures that the weight is equal at all points, making the racket easy to use. The round shape combined with the weight (360 - 380 grams) makes this racket ideal for playing with a lot of control.

The Drop Shot Legend 3.0 features the following technologies:

Rectangle Carbon: 24K Carbon, with 24000 high strength filaments;
3D Face: Texture applied to the racket blade in a diamond shape that enhances spin;
Twin Tubular System: Double tubular carbon that increases the stiffness of the frame and its durability;
Silcone Grip Channel: A channel in the grip of the racket, where a piece of silicone with a super absorbent 2 mm cork coating is inserted, to reduce vibrations just in the area where the player holds the racket;
Power Beam Heart: Maximum optimization of energy with each stroke;
Smart Holes System: Curved drilling system that optimizes the impact area. This allows you to give the ball more impact and ensures less vibration;
Cork Cushion Grip: Anti-vibration system, in combination with the other systems we provide, make our rackets ideal for players with chronic injuries. It consists of a cork plate located in the area of the grip, preventing vibrations from reachin
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Drop Shot Legend 3.0
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