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Drop Shot DSI Kaiten

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Drop Shot DSI Kaiten
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All about this product

All about the Drop Shot DSI Kaiten

Features and benefits:
- Made for: Experienced players
- Blade shape: Drop
- Balance: Medium - High
- Weight: 360 - 380 grams
- Material: Fiber glass and carbon
- Core: EVA Soft
- Including racket case.
The Drop Shot DSI Kaiten is an all-round racket which is very suitable for players with experience who want to grow to a higher level. The racket blade has a so-called drop shape. This means that the sweet spot is slightly shifted upwards for more power. The drop shape in combination with the weight (360 - 380 grams) makes for a well balanced racket. You can volley and smash easier than with a round racket blade, but don't lose as much control as when playing with a diamond shaped racket.

The mix of fiber glass and carbon makes it a durable racket. The carbon provides stiffness to the racket and allows you to add more power to your game. The EVA soft material also provides a comfortable racket. The racket will be delivered including racket bag.
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Reviews (0)

Drop Shot DSI Kaiten
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