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Bullpadel Hack03 Masters Final

Bullpadel Hack03 Masters Final
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All about this product

All about the Bullpadel Hack03 Masters Final

Features and benefits::

- Made for: Advanced players;
- Blade Shape: Diamond;
- Balance: High;
- Weight: 365 - 375 grams;
- Blade thickness: 38 mm;
- Material blade: Tricarbon;
- Material frame: 100% carbon;
- Built-in aluminum protective strip;
- Core: Multieva;
- Power 100 / Control 90;
- Hesacore grip;
- Structure on the racket blade for more effect.

The Bullpadel Hack03 Masters Final is the official racket for the 2023 WPT Master Final. It is an ideal racket for advanced padel players looking for power. The racket blade has a diamond shape. This means that the sweet spot is relatively high on the racket, which makes it easier to hit the ball hard. The diamond shape combined with the weight (365-375 grams) makes the racket ideal for playing with a lot of power without losing control.

The new Adaptia technology provides more flexibility for slower balls and more rigidity for faster balls. The racket blade of the Hack 03 is slightly softer than the Vertex 03 because of the tricarbon used, which are 3D braided fibers. The structure on the racket blade allows you to play with more effect. The core is made of Multi Eva foam. This technology consists of two layers of Eva foam of different density, which ensures good stiffness and longer life of the racket. In addition, the racket features the Hesacore grip, which provides optimal control, comfort and grip. The Bullpadel Hack03 further features the following technologies:

- Air React channel: A hole on the side above the handle. This is where air passes through when you hit. This creates more firmness and maneuverability and it makes for a lighter weight.
- Vibradrive: Absorbs shock and vibration resulting in great comfort.
- Nerve channels: These are two channels on the side of the frame, making the racket stiffer. Also provides less weight and more control during your strokes.
- Carbontube: The racket has a tube frame that is made of 100% carbon. This ensures that the racket has a perfect combination of power and control.
- Metalshield Custom Weight: The built-in aluminum protective strip protects the racket from scratches and bumps against the glass or fence. The strip is suitable for fitting the Bullpadel Custom Weights, which allow you to adjust the weight and balance of the racket to your liking.
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Bullpadel Hack03 Masters Final
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