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Hansoplast Ankle Brace

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Hansoplast Ankle Brace
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All about this product

All about the Hansoplast Ankle Brace

The Hansoplast Ankle Brace has been developed to provide support to the ankle. This brace can relieve pain with a sprained ankle, but also with chronic instability of the ankle and symptoms of overload. Wearing this brace can prevent a new injury The reinforcement this brace has serves to reduce the pressure on the ankle and also offers comfort. The design of this brace offers a nice fit around the ankle and is worn with comfort. It is easy to put on this brace. start by putting the brace on the desired foot.The label of the brace should be on the front and the toes should be put through the brace first.Then the brace is pulled over the ankle and the reinforcement band can be placed around and under the ankle joint should be pulled Finally, the brace should still be tightened until the heel falls in the correct area.

Features and benefits:
- Latex-free.
- Can be used for a circumference of the ankle from 18.5 to 22.5 cm
- Suitable for right and left ankle.
- To support and counter sore and weak ankles.
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Hansoplast Ankle Brace
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